Every woman should own a dress. If you are looking for a formal dress or a wedding dress, then you know that there are many details to pay attention to. 

Along with the cut, the silhouette, the type of the neckline, the colors, and the design, there is another detail that contributes to the look of the dress, namely the dress train.

Main characteristics

Apart from the fact that there are different types of dresses and cuts, they can also have various trains. Each of them contributes to the beauty of the dress and makes it unique.


This type of train is stunning. Its length is about six and a half feet. It makes the train very suitable for more formal and sophisticated weddings. This train fits perfectly in a dramatic venue. 

There are also alternatives that are Semi-Cathedral trains. They are about 4 and a half feet long, and they are more comfortable and easy to operate, while maintaining the same effect. 

But if you want to be with the longest possible train, then choose an extended cathedral train. With it, the dress will look majestic, and you will feel like a real princess.


It is one of the most popular trains, especially among wedding dresses. It measures approximately five feet from the waist. This length gives the dress a kind of formality and drama but is much more moderate than the Cathedral train. In addition, this type of train is much easier to manage, which makes it a preferred option by many ladies.

Floor Length

Floor Length is one of the standard types of dresses and means that the model has no train. It is characterized by the fact that the length of the dress is the same in the front and back. The floor-length models are suitable for informal weddings, as well as for women who will not feel comfortable with long trains.


The Monarch train, also known as Royal, is one of the longest trains. It extends a yard or more on the floor. Dresses with this type of train are suitable for brides. In most cases, a flowergirl or one of the bridesmaids must assist the bride. 

The Monarch train is very stylish and beautiful, but not suitable for every type of wedding. Remember Kate Middleton's dress. It was with a Monarch train, which clocked in at nine feet.


A sweep train is also known as a “brush”. It extends a foot or less from where the fabric hits the floor. A train that looks extremely fine and romantic. It is very suitable for weddings that will be outside and for brides with dresses like Mermaid or Trumpet.

Tea Length

Tea Length dresses date back to the 19th century when the early fashion inventions of European designers were influenced by Asian fashion, combining non-standard fabrics with various details in the dresses, long to the ground. 

This train has a length slightly above the ankle or to the middle of the calf. The lower part of the dress has an A-shape. This type of dress uses ethereal fabrics such as silk or chiffon. The upper part of the dress can be different, with or without sleeves, as well as with a different neckline. 

In addition, there are many other variations of trains among the dresses. For example, removable, mini, or short trains are also elegant models and are preferred by every woman depending on her taste.


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