Types of silhouettes

The silhouette of a dress is essential because it reflects its entire appearance. In addition, some silhouettes are not suitable for every type of curve. That is why it is good to know them to find the one that will suit you more than perfectly.


As the name suggests, this silhouette is in the shape of the capital letter A. That means that the dress is form-fitted at the top and flares out at the waistline. In this way, it forms a triangle shape.

This is one of the most famous types of silhouettes of dresses that you will find. Most of the ladies preferred it because it fits well on different body types.

Ball Gown

This silhouette is also known as the Princess type. It is a combination of a bodice that fits snugly on the body and in combination with gender. Characteristically, there is a larger set at the waist. This silhouette is suitable for pear-shaped women. 


This modern version of the dress is extremely sexy, as it follows the curves of the female body. This is the perfect silhouette for tall and thin women, as well as for short and thin. If you want to hide any part of your body, this is not the best choice for you.


Mermaid dress is another popular silhouette that is a favorite of most women. This silhouette is characterized by a fitted silhouette, especially from the hips to the knee, and is cut out. Dresses with a Mermaid silhouette, in most cases, should be made of two parts. This is how the fitted silhouette is achieved.

Mermaid dresses look very sexy, as they follow the curves of the body. They are suitable for thin women. The silhouette is not recommended for ladies who have a strong hip, as the dress itself accentuates this part of the body.

Dropped Waist

Although this silhouette appeared in the distant 1920s, today, it is still relevant and preferred by many women. It is characterized by a line drawn around the hips instead of your natural waist. In this way, the torso lengthens. Designers often use it to give it a more modern look by using waist belts and straps.

This silhouette is especially suitable for tall and thin women, especially for those who have a short torso and very long legs. The dropped waist dress will create pleasing symmetry. If you have a wider hip, then a dropped waist silhouette may not work well for you.


The Empire silhouette has a simple but very harmonious design. It delicately emphasizes the female forms. The silhouette is characterized by a fitted bodice that descends below the bustline. The dress lengthens the figure, so it is suitable for shorter women.

The neckline in this type of dress can vary. In most cases, it is V-shaped or oval. In addition, some models have short or long sleeves. Dresses with an Empire silhouette are suitable for weddings, cocktails, and other formal events.

Fit and flare

The fit and flare silhouette is perfect for ladies who want a tight-fitting dress to emphasize every curve. This type of silhouette accentuates the waist and lengthens the body. 

Although it is quite tight, it still gives you the freedom to move, which makes it preferred by many women. Fit and flare type is very common among wedding dresses. 

Natural Waist

The waistline on the natural waist dress sits in the area between the bottom of the ribcage and the top of the hips at the narrowest part of the torso. Dresses with natural waist silhouettes are suitable for both tall and short women. 

They look especially good on women who have an hourglass or pear shape, as well as those who have a thin waist.


If you have an individual style and like to be different, then bet on two-piece dresses. Dresses with such a silhouette include a top and a skirt, which create the whole look. With this type of dress, you can play with the design and connect the two parts in various ways.


Trumpet dresses are reminiscent of a Mermaid silhouette but have little difference. It is characterized by being fitted through the bust, waist, and hips, but then flares out with volume. This silhouette again emphasizes your figure in an exceptional way, but without being too much.


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