When choosing a dress, there are many details to pay attention to. Along with the choice of cut and colors, there is another element of the dress that contributes to the dress design - it is the neckline.

The choice of the neckline is essential. What to be, it depends on your figure. Each neckline makes a woman look different. That is why it is a crucial detail.

Main characteristics of the necklines

What will be the neckline of the chosen dress has an essential role in how you will look. Some types of necklines may not be just for you, no matter how much you like them. 

But to have a flawless look, it is principal to match it to your figure. It will preserve the effect of the dress, and you will stand out with confidence and femininity.

There are several basic types of necklines, but of course, not everything ends with them. Let's see which they are and what is characteristic of them.


The square neckline is a classic that has continued to be a trend over the years. This type of dress is the perfect choice for ladies who have a larger bust. 

The characteristic of it is that it stylishly emphasizes the bust so it is not visible too much. Also, dresses with a square neckline create the illusion of wider shoulders.


It is one of the most common necklines. As the name suggests, the heart-shaped neckline has the shape of a heart. The good news is that it creates the illusion of a bigger bust. It makes it the perfect choice for ladies with smaller or standard busts.

Ladies with larger busts should avoid this type of neckline. But, if it is a preferred and favorite option, we advise you to choose models with straps and add some additional accessories on the neck. Otherwise, it will not look aesthetically pleasing.


This type of neckline is very sexy. If you want to be bolder and like to stand out, then dresses with V-Neck would be the perfect choice for you. This neckline lengthens the silhouette and neck. 

In addition, it is an elegant way that emphasizes not only the bust but also the shoulders. A long necklace as an additional accessory can be a superb choice, as long as the dress design allows.

Scoop Neck

Scoop Neck fits well on almost each body type. This type of neckline is deeper and wider, so beautifully to emphasize your collarbone. Scoop Neck is suitable for ladies with both small and large busts. 

It is one of the best choices for pear-shaped women and hourglass types. A delicate necklace can be added to a dress with Scoop Neck to complement the look. 

Bateau Neck

Bateau Neck, also known as Boat Neck, is another type of neckline. It is a wide neckline that runs horizontally and reaches almost to the shoulder points.

In addition to these most common necklines, you will also find Dress Plunge, which is characterized by the so-called plunging neckline. It is a very low-cut neckline and resembles a V-Neck, but is much more cut.

The illusion neckline is also a popular type, especially among wedding dresses. As its name suggests, it gives the illusion of a strapless dress. It features sheer or semi-sheer fabric, most of which is made of tulle or lace.

Off the Shoulder dresses are magnificent models that emphasize a woman's shoulders, and the Modest models are more mysterious, showing very little skin. 

Other favorite models are :

  • Dresses with 3/4 Sleeves
  • Cap Sleeves
  • Long Sleeves and more

For what occasion are these types of necklines suitable?

The necklines that we shared above are common in wedding dresses and dresses designed for formal occasions. 

In addition, dresses for the Mothers of the Bride and Groom or the bridesmaids' dresses can also have this type of neckline. Each of them is extremely elegant, creating a feminine and beautiful look. In this way, every woman can feel irresistible.


The prices of the dresses depend not only on the type of neckline. Depending on the fabrics, design, and any additional elements that are used, the prices of the dresses may vary.

In Dress 2 Impress, we offer dresses in a wide price range so you can find both more budget models and luxury dresses.