Dress Fabrics

Along with the design, cut and colors, there is another important element that contributes to the overall look of the dress, namely the fabrics from which it is made.

When is it appropriate to choose the specific fabric?

When choosing a fabric for your dress some factors are important to consider.


One of the first questions you need to answer is: What is the reason you need the dress? Are you going to be a bride or will you have a prom, and maybe the dress is for a special occasion? The purpose for which your dress will be designed helps a lot to choose the right fabrics.


The design of the dress is also important when choosing fabrics. When the design of your dress is more complex, it is advisable to choose softer and thinner fabrics. If you want it with draperies or ruffles, silk chiffon or crêpe fabrics are an extremely good choice.


It is important to match the fabrics with your figure. What matters here is the type of female body, height, and shape. The texture of the selected fabric, colors, as well as whether there are embroidery, veils, or other additional elements are important.

Main characteristics of the dress fabrics

For a dress to be perfect, it must be made of beautiful and quality fabrics. That is why it is good to know what are the appropriate dress fabrics.


Chiffon is a luxury fabric that is among the most commonly used to make dresses. It is woven from silk, cotton, viscose, or synthetic fabrics such as nylon and polyester. Chiffon is a soft and fine fabric, but it is extremely strong.

It has a transparent effect and a slight sheen, which makes it extremely beautiful. It is important to share that the making of a dress with this fabric should be done by an experienced specialist, as it is difficult to work with.


Crêpe is another popular fabric that is often used in making dresses. It is woven from silk, wool, cotton, or synthetic fibers (elastane and polyester). The material is characterized by a crinkled texture and a wrinkled appearance. 

Crêpe is quite slippery, which makes it also a difficult fabric to sew. Among its immense advantages is that it is a breathable material. 


Lace is a decorative fabric with an open weave, for which various methods have been used. It is extremely luxurious, which is why it is used to make wedding dresses. Lace is mostly made of silk, linen, cotton, or synthetic fibers.


The Mikado fabric is a type of luxury silk. It is characterized by a light shine. This makes the dress look even more unique so that you stand out with it. Mikado is a slightly heavier fabric, which helps to give structure to the dress. It is also very soft, which makes it preferred by our customers.


Tulle is a thin and light fabric that is used for wedding veils, as well as an accent for wedding and formal dresses. It can be made of natural and synthetic fibers, such as silk, cotton, nylon, and viscose. 

It is available in different colors, like other types of fabrics, and is the perfect fabric to add sophistication to your dress.


Charmeuse is a luxury fabric that is made of 100% silk. It is most often used to make formal dresses. This fabric is extremely soft and light. It has a slight sheen that makes it charming and makes any dress look stylish and elegant.


Organza is a light, fine and transparent material. Most often it is made of silk, cotton, linen, and synthetic fabrics, including polyester and nylon. It is characterized by tiny holes throughout the fabric, which represent the spaces between the warp and weft thread in the plain-weave pattern.

The more these holes there are, the higher the quality of the organza.


Satin is a soft, shiny, and elastic fabric that is extremely soft. The beautiful drapery and the shiny surface of this fabric make every dress look extremely beautiful, stylish, and elegant.


Silk is one of everyone's favorite fabrics. It is luxurious, with its specific shine. The fabric is light and extremely soft to the touch. In addition, silk is a very durable fabric with beautiful drapery. It is often preferred for making formal dresses.


Taffeta is a fabric that is traditionally made of silk. But often it is made of synthetic materials, such as polyester, nylon, or acetate. The fabric is characterized by a lustrous shine, and its weight and transparency can vary. Apart from formal dresses and clothes, it is also used for lining.


The prices of the dress fabrics depend on the type you have chosen, as well as the quantity you need to make your dress. Given the specifics of each case, prices may vary. That is why we advise you to turn to our specialists, who will give you the correct information.