Every little girl wants to be a princess for a while. The opportunity to wear a magical dress brings the feeling that it is in a fairy tale. The role of the flower girl can make her feel that way. It will bring her joy and make her feel like an important part of the special event. The flower girl will be the perfect introduction for the wedding guests to the style and theme of the wedding. The premiere bridal shops like Dress 2 Impress will provide brides with a wide selection of flower girl dresses to choose from. Your flower girl is not only going to look great, but she is going to feel comfortable as well.

Many brides love to shop for flower girl dresses designed by Richards Design, UK based company. Richards Design has been designing top-notch flower girl dresses for years. These dresses are made with only the finest care and style taken by the designers and feature top-of-the-line fabrics. Each dress is specifically made with a mix of high quality and affordability so that every customer will have a beautiful flower girl dress without spending a ton of money.

The silhouette of flower girl dresses has a natural waist. The waistline sits in the area between the bottom of the ribcage and the top of the hips at the narrowest part of the torso. This silhouette is fabulous, the floor length makes the dresses perfect for this special moment. On the other hand, the scoop neckline of the flower girl dresses contributes to the elegant look. And colors like Champagne, Ivory, or White turn every little girl into a princess.

Types of flower girl dresses

Flower Girl dresses that you will find with us are Natural waist silhouettes. The dresses are divided mainly by colors, design, and cut. Some of them are sleeveless, and others have short sleeves. Also, the designs can have an additional element, such as embroidery or lace. And the ribbon is another cute detail that makes the dress unique. It can be located in the front or back of the dress. If you want the dress to have a little more shine, then we also offer satin models. With them, your girl will look even more fabulous.

Fabrics, cuts, and quality

The quality of flower girl dresses is essential. The dresses offered in Dress 2 Impress stand out with high quality and unique design. You can choose between different cuts to make your girl feel not only beautiful but also comfortable. One of the main fabrics used to make flower girl dresses is tulle. And this is no accident. It creates the fabulous look of the dresses so that every girl can feel the magic of these special moments.

Price ranges

The price range of flower girl dresses is wide and varies from $200 to $350. It allows you to find the perfect model dress without having to go beyond the budget. The price of the dresses depends on the chosen design, the fabrics from which it is made, as well as the additional details that it may have.  

Why choose Dress 2 Impress?

At Dress 2 Impress -Bridal & Formal Boutique every girl because a Princess. We offer a wide variety of flower girl dresses. In our store, you have the opportunity to customize each model so that you get the dream dress. You will find 100% original products. We are an authorized retailer of outstanding designers, including Richard Designs. At Dress 2 Impress you will receive special attention from our highly qualified specialists who will help you find a dress that will make your little girl feel like a princess.