Searching for the perfect dress for your special day? Here are some valuable tips to keep in mind so you can avoid costly oversights...

Discount Shopping 
There’s no denying it: weddings are expensive. You have to pay for the venue, the décor, the food, the honeymoon. Who wouldn’t want to save some money on one of the classically most expensive items of a wedding? As beautiful as a dress may be, as a bride, you might become blinded by the price tag to appreciate its beauty. Consequently, it is not a surprise that one of the biggest mistakes a bride can make is buying a discount dress online or without checking the dress for flaws. Remember that although money is tight, this is your big day and you will lose more money if you choose the wrong dress now and ultimately have to buy another one. 

Wrong Size
All too often, brides will make a plan to lose weight and prematurely order a dress that’s too small. Although you may want to be a certain size when they walk down the aisle, it is important to be realistic about this matter. A dress can always be taken in. It is always better to order a dress too big than too small. Cut yourself some slack and order your dress at your current measurements, and then alter your dress later if you are able to lose the weight. 

In a Rush 
Although the temptation to start shopping for a wedding dress can be overwhelming, you should wait until other major details of the wedding have been decided before choosing your wedding dress. For instance, you may fall in love with a dreamy ballroom wedding dress and then later choose to have your wedding in a casual setting, like on the beach. The dress should match your venue. Other details that can be important when picking a wedding dress are the color and style of your bridesmaids’ dresses and the décor of your venue. Many brides make the mistake of buying a beautiful dress later to find it will clash with their surroundings. 

Large Group
Many brides want to bring a large group of friends with them in order to gather a myriad of opinions. Unfortunately, not everyone in your large circle will give you their honest opinion. It is best to only bring your closest friends. Many wedding dress shoppers only bring their mother and a sister or best friend to tag along for the hunt. Your trusted confidants for this outing should only be people that have your best interest at heart, people that will be comfortable enough to tell you what they really think of the dress. 

Too Many Options
It is common for a bride to get carried away in the wedding dress shopping experience and try on too many dresses. It is understandable to want to get an idea of what you’re looking, but it is easy to get lost in the process. Try to limit your options by only trying on less than 10 dresses, as to not lose sight of your ultimate goal: the perfect wedding dress. 

With all the expenses of a wedding, don’t let any of these classic dress shopping mistakes become one of them. Happy Shopping!
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